Our Primary Business Services

Our core capabilities are centered around cloud development, integration and maintenance. We have significant experience with scalable systems and large amounts of data.

Leverage the benefits of quickly and safely obtained, cloud based infrastructure. Take advantage of On Demand pricing to only pay for what you need and scale when you need it.

Use Proven and standard frameworks and tools on trusted provider networks

Don't pass up innovation, we can quickly and easily achieve the benefits you want.

Core Competencies

Software Languages:

Java, C#, Groovy, Ruby, Python, Php

User interface:

Java Server Faces (Sun JSF, MyFaces, Richfaces), JQuery, JQuery Mobile, spring MVC, Symfony, html5, Ruby on Rails, Django

Middleware technologies:

Websphere Application Server, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat, JBoss ESB, JBoss AS, Websphere ESB, IBM XML Datapower appliance, Tibco Activematrix BusinessWorks, JMS, Websphere MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Linoma GoAnywhere Director. Mulesoft ESB, Dell Boomi AtomSphere. Salesforce APEX data loader

Persistence technologies:

JPA, Hibernate, Doctrine

Infrastructure Technologies:

LDAP, UDDI (JUDDI), http/https, sftp

Infrastructure as a Service:

Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, Cloudfrount, CloudSearch, SES, SNS, Virtual Private Cloud), Heroku (Celodon Cedar Stack, Ruby, Node/JS, Java, Apache WebAppRunner)


Oracle, DB/2, DB2/400, MYSQL, SQL Server, DB2everyplace, Derby, PostgreSql

Operating Systems:

Windows client and server platforms, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu unix, Solaris, AIX, IBM iSeries

Source Code/Version Control:

Git, SVN, CVS, PVCS, MS SourceSafe

Build technology:

Maven, Ant, Apache Jenkins, AntHillPro, Artifactory, Jira Bamboo

Quality Assurance Tools:

Junit, Parasoft WebKing, JMeter, Apache Bench, SoapUI, Mockito, Jprobe, Grinder, Cobertura, Sonar, DBUnit, HsqlDb

Component Technology:

Web Service infrastructure (JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JAX-RPC, Apache Axis, Apache CXF, Sun Jersey), Google Android, Salesforce SOAP API and Salesforce REST API, EJB (2.0, 3.0)